Epsilon '19

Behind The Scenes

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About the Event

Ever wondered about the exact moment a scientific breakthrough occured?

What happened? How did it take place? What led to it?

Or what would've happened if something was different?
Well, you tell us.

Bring to the grandstand the fascinating tales of scientists and their Eureka moments with our theatre event.

Registration Fee - Rs.100 per Team

Win cash prizes upto 15,000

Rules of the event

  • A maximum of 6 people can enact.
  • They should have one act ONLY. Multiple scenes allowed, but the total runtime should not exceed 15 minutes.
  • No obscenity allowed in any form (language or costume).
  • You will be notified of an additional prop three days prior to the event. All participants should keep in mind that lack of usage of this prop will result in loss of points.

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