Epsilon '19


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About the Event

Love art and science? Have an idea that you know you can communicate effectively through a lens?
Then this event is for you!
To compete, submit a short film based on one of these three categories:

1. Scientific Aesthetics - Explore the hidden beauties of science.

2. Myth-busting - Debunking scientific misconceptions.

3. Just Like Magic - any scientific process that shows/proves a scientific concept effectively.

Registration Fee - Rs.100 per team

Win cash prizes upto 15,000

Rules of the event

  • Maximum of 4 people in a team.
  • Use any methods of cinematography to capture your idea. The more creative, the better!
  • The duration of the short film must be between 3 and 10 minutes.
  • Any form of obscenity will not be tolerated.
  • All footage used must be original. Using someone else's footage will result in immediate disqualification
  • There must be an explanation of the science being shown. Subtitles/ Voiceover is recommended.

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