Epsilon '19

The Goldberg Arena

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About the Event

Teams of 4, take on the task to build a Rube Goldberg machine. Race, solve puzzles, overcome challenges, gather items and construct the best one out of the most basic of items you never thought you could use.
Do you think you can perform the simplest of task like no one else can?
That one push, could it be yours?

Registration Fee - Rs.100/Team

Win cash prizes upto 15,000

Rules of the event

  • Teams of 3-4. Cross college teams are allowed.
  • Items provided will be divided into three categories - mystery items, connectors, and miscellaneous. The system must contain at least 2 items from each category.
  • Teams may bring their own items, as long as the items fit into a standard laptop backpack without protrusion, with prior notice to the organisers when asked.
  • No electrical/electronic components will be allowed/provided.
  • Teams will compete in a set of challenges to get the first pick of items in each category.
  • The minimum operating time for the machine will be 60 seconds. The said machine must accomplish any simple task.
  • Teams will be judged based on efficiency, creativity and manner of working.

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