Epsilon '19


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About the Event

Ever sat in a class and wondered, what if this was wrong, what if everything I've learnt is just right till another discovery disproves it all? What if you were the one who made that discovery?

We all dream to change the world and at TheTALK, we are giving you the opportunity to present your scientific understanding to everyone.
This is a platform where you come and share your ideas, and compete against those with ideas of their own. An epic clash of ideas, all in the name of scientific progression.
This competition could be your gateway to be the one who changes the way we perceive the world. Come and give us your talk and your view on anything and everything science.

Registration Fee - Rs.50

Win cash prizes upto 15,000

Rules of the event

  • Each contestant has to speak for a minimum of 5-6 minutes and a maximum of 10.
  • The judging criteria are effectivity, innovation and plausibility, along with accuracy of thought.
  • The talk needs to be science oriented or will not be considered.

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